Saturday, October 24, 2020

Alexandre Vauthier spring 2021

 It is no secret that I am a fan of this man... I almost always seem to believe that he gets it. He is not worrying about making political statements or pushing an agenda… he is a designer and therefore he designs clothes… and I might say some pretty freakin fabulous ones.

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This season I think part of what was troubling to me is that it was shot in NYC and as everyone knows the city is not what it once was but this morning I went back to look at the images and read about the collection via his words and I subtracted my issue from the equation and  here is what I  came up  with.

I love these clothes ... they are superbly rendered, this is a happy collection in that it is wearable, not overly sexed up not overly glitzed out and as he points out he sees some Halston in it. I might agree to disagree with him there as I see the Halston but I also see some Donna Karan and some Yves St Laurent and by saying that I’m in no way saying that this is a derivative collection. There’s some sort of comfort factor these references bring to the collection.

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There are fun pieces like a candy wrapper romper and serious pieces like the black reed slim gowns which are superb, some real actual wearable day clothes and then an assortment of some slightly over the top pieces but the overall mood is joyous and not mournful and not matronly and certainly not pushing the envelope over the edge.

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 Hopefully in my lifetime I will see this young man get the hype and glory that goes so undeservedly to so many.  Vauthier is a true talent, a true designer with his eyes wide open who stands head and shoulders over so many who are “ad dollar spotlighted!”

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Kudos... félicitations et je t’embrace and most MERCI!

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