Sunday, October 11, 2020

getting to know DELFRANCE RIBEIRO and his brand

“Dressing is an expression of oneself, the formal representation of one's individuality. The DELFRANCE collections are inspired by a strong, sensual and extremely elegant woman. They are characterized by a careful choice of materials and meticulous attention to cuts, volumes and details. Contemporary sewing and traditional sewing are just the two of the elements that DELFRANCE uses for its creations, mixing the rebellious spirit of youth with the precision of cuts and lines.” D.R.

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If I learned anything from the Spring 2021 collections it is that women want to look pretty.  Not only is the esthetic aspect important but so is the ease of getting dressed; add your shoes, your scarf, your necklaces and bracelets and you’re ready to go almost anywhere... or no accessories at all!

In addition, that the clothes have to make you feel good ... of course there are some dressy dresses but not for gala evenings out but rather for possibly a more formal party for a select group of friends or just between you and your lover to mix things up. This was not  the season to  go all out and  do  clothes that have no  occasion and no reason to be worn, this was  a time for clothes that are not only wearable  but  carry  a mood and  not the frustration of  OMG I love it but where am I ever going to wear this or will I ever be able to wear this.

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Delfrance delivers a timely collection aimed at women of no particular age but to women who want new clothes and want to wear them NOW!

- Let’s speak of your product and your brand: who is your target customer and what is your philosophy for the brand?

My target customer is a spontaneous, independent and urban chic woman. She has no age and she is confident about herself and her own femininity.

Despite her impeccable elegance, she possesses a strong personality and sensuality that allows her to distinguish herself thanks to the choice of cuts and original volumes, drape, unusual combinations, precious fabrics.

My collections are inclusive, they don’t look at trends, but they’re perfect for every woman, at all times and at every moment.

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 Why do you think that the brand has such appeal to women?   

In my garments the sartorial refinement, the clean and essential lines, blends with innovative and contemporary elements to give life to creations that are at the same time original and extremely refined yet versatile; they are perfect from morning to night.

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 How do you decide on your silhouettes, palette and fabrications? Is there a theme each season? 

There is not a precise theme each season, I just take inspiration every time by the world around me: landscapes, scents, images, and so on. 

It happens for example that I spend a summer in Occitania, which then becomes the perfect source of a new collection: fresh, simple and genuine, where also the colour palette speaks to the lush summer nature. What is important for me is the attention to details, to volumes, which should be both soft, and structured, the choice of fabrics is always accurate…. It is my recipe for a collection.

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 If you could choose any collaboration, who or what would it be and why?

I like Marc Jacobs and I think we would have a great collaboration because of our mixtures of status, mindset and culture.

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 If you could invite any 5 people to dinner, who would they be and why?

 Bernard Arnault, Madonna, Donatella Versace, Anna Wintour, Vivienne Westwood. I like the way these people communicate and I like to know what they’re thinking about fashion and how fashion must change?

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