Friday, November 20, 2020


 Alessandro Michele wanted to associate his latest Gucci collection to eschatology, the doctrine that explores the ultimate destiny of humans and the universe. In fact, the word was printed on what is likely destined to become the lineup’s ultimate bestseller — an oversized T-shirt available in multiple colors also decorated with the numbers 1921 and 25, Gucci’s foundation year and Michele’s favorite number, respectively.

Fashion and eschatology: what a weird combination. Is it nonsensical or does it express a desire to define a new concept of fashion whereby, along with the different major arts, it becomes a tool to interpret our passage through life?


So now that you have read this arcane esoteric inspiration and explanation for what Gucci is calling a collection, I ask you …. WTF is this but a souk of clothes that look like they were pulled from a dumpster behind a Goodwill!

It’s a wise moment that so many heritage brands are returning to their original eponymous logos as otherwise how would anyone know what brand is which and in this case it’s all about SOME of the accessories and certainly not about ANY of the clothes and whether or not anyone believes it the Asian market is all about conspicuous consumption.

It’s laughable and preposterous to think that any trendster is going to pay thousands to buy cutoff jeans or oversized football jerseys because the very high (as in drug induced) and faux intellectual Signori Michele found some ephemera to hitch his wagon to. Do you think the clothes will come with hangtags explaining this dope, as in drug,  induced fantasy? It is not my opinion that even the Asian market will want those clothes to wear where? And at what price?

Let the media regurgitate and fawn all in the quest of ad dollars but it is in fact what is making printed media less and less important given the lack of gravitas and honest assessment of collections that don’t belong on fashion magazine pages but rather as crumpled up pages of catalogs found in trash cans!


PS..anyone who can translate the first 2 paragraphs [has a pair of denim cutoffs waiting for them as well as a PhD!


  1. Jeffrey you’re so “god damned” (sorry to use purposely this old colloquial) right. Editors I’ve heard call him the guru, intending the Kering group high end brand became a sect, the ticket price being rather low probably 2/3000 € for a meager Chanel 2.55 clutch knockoff whatever who cares now who’s copying who ... I mean your prayer and donation being buying his stuff I supposed. 2020 luxury brands became sects, what else to re-cover from lockdowns?