Saturday, January 29, 2022


haute cou·ture : expensive, fashionable clothes produced by leading fashion houses by The Oxford Dictionary!

One of the key words in this definition is EXPENSIVE! So, my question to all these designers who think couture should be a more democratic pursuit would be... have the prices been lowered to appeal to a larger and more varied audience?

It is a known fact to most that couture is made to measure so one can be reasonably sure that the clothes will be made in everything from a size 2 to size 22 with all the modifications requested by the client and suggested by the designer.

Nowhere does it say that since fashion has become a spectator sport that it must also celebrate every size and shape and age on the runway. The runway was the one place that made customers aspire, dream and lust for what they see. So, I ask you how many women aspire to have jiggling thighs seen under transparent  gowns and their midriffs bulging out of side cutouts or muffin tops on a gown or looking larger than they are? Where is the fantasy in that? Couture was never a democratic pursuit and will never be until it no longer exists!

Designers’ words cannot make it so and larger models cannot make it so ... it is what it is and it isn’t meant for everyone in style or size but it is only for the very very rich of any size who can afford the “cost of admission!”

For the greater part of its existence couture was the harbinger of what was to come in the ready to wear versions from that brand or in other words it was the laboratory for fashion created by the “mad scientists” who suddenly had no restrictions in respect to cost. Now we have clothes and rhetoric ... few day clothes and tonnage of evening looks for a pandemic era. Where is the fantasy other than imagining where you might wear any of this? Afford it? Or want it?

Reviewers no longer offer their opinions since most are too unknowledgeable to have one but they have become bull horns for the designers who hope to explain away the reason for his or her oeuvre or regurgitations of their press releases ... no matter how esoteric. My point being they are no longer reviews they are merely interviews with designers where the bulk of said “review” is in the designer’s words and not in those of the reviewer.

Who can answer these questions for me who agrees with MY OPINION about the state of couture?

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  1. As a long time follower of the couture I totally agree with you. Remember when Town and Country had those glorious spreads of page after page of the seasonal couture. W magazine was full of stunning illustrations. End of an age for folk that remember. xxdt