Tuesday, October 4, 2016

CHANEL spring 2017 paris


Straight Outta Compton meets Star Wars

 Rhi Rhi meets r2d2
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Welcome to Karl Tech School of Fashion
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Think zippers and tab closures instead of brass buttons

Tweeds a plenty
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Easy on the evening

Chanel accessories go ghetto chic
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Pearls and chains by the miles even sautoirs

Brights replace spring pastels
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Lacy underpinnings

It’s item central

Homeboy caps for all … and Karl laughs at them all 
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The line forms at the right for the new metallic ballet slipper

I can hear the registers humming!!!!!

PS... Let’s be clear, the silhouette for the most part is thick, sometimes even clumsy and occasionally comical but there is so much to be taken out of context and sold as pieces that it just doesn’t matter. His customer is all his no matter what and maybe she is the most discerning of any fashion customer   when it comes to adding to her collection of Chanel.

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