Sunday, October 2, 2016

Valentino spring 2017 paris

Here’s what I know:

The collection has come alive: color, venue, silhouette, details, styling. It’s like a set of defibrillator paddles has been used and the brand has been brought back to life. Gone is the lugubrious monastic and almost funeral darkness of the location and the monotony of the clothes and thank God no denim. 
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We now know who held sway for too long and we now know who the real talent is!

Sheer exists but with linings for the most part. Gone is the death march of zombie like nubile vestal virgins.
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A variety of silhouettes has appeared and it no longer looks like every other collection that they ever did together.
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The workmanship is visible, even the archival references are there but actually reinterpreted as all archival references should be...not just by talking about it.
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In my opinion he has opened the door to a far savvier client rather than just one who loves the name. There are clothes from the most unadorned to those which will stretch far into the mid 5 figures.

No blah blah blah necessary other than for insight not for motivation or inspiration. 
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Whimsical,  feminine and some of it a bit too signora BUT what a difference; do I think there is room for improvement like some real day clothes ... yessss. ..  BUT this was absolutely off to a very encouraging if not propitious start

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