Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Meet ODAY SHAKAR .. on the cusp

Rare are the days, or even moments, that these eyes and brain find something that pique my fashion interest. What is even rarer is that a show will allow you the time to digest what has quickly paraded down a runway. I was lucky enough to be invited to the Oday Shakar showroom for an up close and personal view of the collection as well as meet the man responsible for the design. The collection is what might be called modern yet rooted in the past by extracting only the finest details and aura of those times. Translation ... Modern, urbane, classic not boring and finally elegant.
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The collection exceeded my expectations as no matter how close you sit at that show you never quite see the clothes as they need to be seen. What intrigued me so much is that that many of the pieces had the distinct flavor of something that was familiar to me. What I am trying to say is that the clothes reminded me of when discerning women owned beautifully made, elegant and glamorous gowns or cocktail dresses that were worn for gala occasions as well as special nights out. Please do not misconstrue my words and think this is some retread retro revival collection but instead this is a collection and a designer who was prescient in revitalizing what was once considered to be chic, tasteful and de rigeur for those who set the standards for being well dressed. Simply said, the collection smarts of times when we had real tastemakers and trend setters with independent taste, breeding and marriages to sustain those titles and not the faux tasteful of today. Most importantly is that there are women who still desperately want to look beautiful while being dressed appropriately!
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With all that said, Oday Shakar is on the precipice of his global launch which will take place at the MODA OPERANDI MEWS in London beginning on October 24. (Sorry for the short notice). The collection will be available during a 14 day trunk show at that location and on October 21, the collection will go live on their website as well. So, I was lucky to catch up with this young man on the cusp of what we hope to be a long future in the world of fashion.
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Jeffrey Felner: If you could invite any 5 people to dinner, who would they be and why?

Oday Shakar: Queen Rania because I really would love to hear her thoughts on the future of the Middle East.  Deepak Chopra, I would love his input on fulfilling my destiny and dreams. Madonna because she rocks.  Shakira, she has accomplished so much in her young life and still seems grounded. She’s also the youngest UN Ambassador!  Valentino, hoping he would share some stories about his amazing life and career as a designer. 

JF: Do you have a mentor or style icon that constantly inspires you? Who and why have you chosen them?

OS: Halston’s designs inspire me. He created designs that were breathtaking, effortless and timeless but always original. I keep that in mind when I design.
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JF: If you could select any 3 people to dress, who would they be and why?

OS: 1. Beyonce because I respect her artistry and she is the best at what she does. 2. Shakira because her style and esthetic is very much in the same world as mine. She is half Lebanese and she appeals to the world. 3. Emma Stone because she exudes confidence and class 

JF: When designing, who do you see as your ideal customer and why have you focused on her?

OS: My ideal customers are the women who are close to me in my everyday life. They are classy yet edgy, sexy, cultured and bold and they want options and looks that are different yet functional and wearable.
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JF: If you could choose any collaborator on a new project, who would that be and why that project?

OS: Christian Louboutin, I would love to design and create shoes someday, what fun would it be to collaborate with the red sole man himself?

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