Sunday, March 4, 2018

Givenchy fall 2018

Clare Waight Keller has presented a cavalcade of fur coats and leather pieces for those who do not embrace PETA. The furs have a distinctly retro feel as well as a sort of classic elegance from times gone by when owning a fur was a symbol of “having arrived.” If there is an issue with at hand, it is … what was under those coats?
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Okay BIG ISSUE… footwear and styling... WTF was that? Shorty swashbuckling pirate boots/ not to mention of course what women who spend this kind of dough on clothes do not carry an oversized leather bag when wearing a cocktail dress? I can’t imagine the tone of the collection had it been styled in a more classically  stylish mood rather than one that is supposedly of the moment… sic trendy and ungainly!
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The bright spots came toward the end with the fringed pieces, the ultra-simple Norellish sheaths and several short very vintage YSL cocktail dresses. There were some tailored pieces that smarted of Le Grand Hubert but certainly not enough to call this collection referenced to the master. While on the subject of issues... WTF was that one butterscotch colored dress which surely would have made a greater impact in a more palatable color … not to mention the dress and the color only appeared one time. 
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In the end this is more than mediocre with a few high spots which occurred sporadically throughout but a far cry from fabulous despite what I am almost certainly expecting from the keen eyes of the fawners who recite chapter and verse from their press releases.
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As my ex-coworkers in China used to say... try better next time missy!

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