Saturday, December 15, 2018

Piazza Sempione pre fall 2019

In this miasma we call fashion, there are times when you get to watch a designer evolve as well as what he brings to the table for those that he designs for; Federico Piaggi has caught my eye. I have watched him for years during his tenure at Ferré as well as during his time at Piazza Sempione. I have admired and followed his work and yet I never quite find the words to speak of his body of work but this season, I felt he has hit his stride and given me the words to write.
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  Piazza Sempione is not a brand on the tip of everyone’s fashion tongue but the brand has enjoyed a healthy relationship with Saks Fifth Avenue for many years and many others and remains an open secret. I can’t say I really knew why but since I’ve lately been drowning in some of the ugliest clothes to ever be seen on any continent season after season, this collection struck me like bolt of lightning.

   You may say ... why? You may say oh well it’s boring and where’s the news here? You may say what is Jeffrey smoking? I can happily say that what I see is reality… a collection of real honest to goodness wearable, slick, somewhat minimal, cosmopolitan, clothes for women who want to look simply and perfectly turned out.
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 The tailoring and details are exquisite, the hard edge bounced off the softness of the dresses and knits hit a note ... the note being this is a collection of fashion and not a collection of thrown together rags that are three sizes too big and either resemble a bag lady or a Halloween costume … imagine that!. The more I looked at the abbreviated collection, the more I saw its worth and value within the marketplace. It’s no brainer fashion ... you wear it as it is, you can break It up or you accessorize it with whatever but the clothes are a stand out especially for those  understand real workmanship…. Even more to the point the clothes are retail friendly in a stilted world when tee shirts are $1000 and trainers run at $500 and up are commonplace.
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 So you call it what you want, I call it cosmopolitan, sharp, sleek , chic, classic, well-designed, urbane, beautifully executed apparel for women who want to look strong and in charge without any gimmicks or looking like some kind of fashion freak.
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Think of it this way, if the clothes were show on some androgynous barely pubescent oily haired 18 year old and everything was 2 sizes too big for the model with puddling pants, the fashion media would be all over this like white on rice.
Think about what has happened to fashion!

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