Tuesday, January 7, 2020

London Fall 2020 menswear

You may be shaking your head. You may be asking yourself what possesses these designers to think that these clothes are marketable.  You might even wonder why anyone would wear these creations or why they are even runway-worthy. Then you might ask why does one want to dress as a terrorist or as one going in to combat or for that matter looking like Sly Stone. You might even wonder what season is this for.
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London is about freedom of expression in the extreme but what it is not is a staging ground for the likes of Jeremy Scott’s preposterous proposals for men for fall 2020. Buried within the massive number of images, there are “germs” of possibilities that could be developed into clothes that are truly worth a second look and not because of their freakishness.

So now let’s take the trip with Sly Stone and Prime Minister Nehru and the wannabe thugs of Moschino and see what London is vibing us this season!

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