Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Chanel haute couture 2020 fall

It’s a bit jarring for me to say that this might be Madame Viard’s best outing yet… maybe because it’s that there are not 70 exits, maybe it’s because there is no grandiosity of set and maybe it’s just that there are a lot of beautiful clothes in a  finely  edited  collection … some of which border on exquisite. In order to fully appreciate the clothes, one must  view the short  film (www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2020-couture/chanel ) and the entire collection as it allows you to see the COLOR!
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Chanel signatures abound and if my memory serves me right, there are some of KL’s greatest hits in there but as a whole, it’s pure Chanel for the women who eat and breathe Chanel. My only criticisms would be the styling and the abundance of taffeta and chiffon dresses but some were quite wonderful others rather pedestrian.
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Bottom line is simply that Virginie most definitely put her best foot forward with this collection under the most difficult and trying circumstances of today’s world and certainly the most trying times for those of us in fashion. No gimmicks, no tricks... just clothes and artistry of the Chanel ateliers.

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