Monday, July 6, 2020

Schiaparelli haute couture fall 2020

Daniel Roseberry has given us a gift… he has provided us with the fullest emotion of the couture and that is fantasy. Couture is not for the usual consumer but only for those who can afford and lust for the most exquisitely executed clothes made to measure!

The film (on  is the designer sketching the collection and the images shown are the sketches which cause the viewer to the only dream of what might be or might have been if the collection was actually made.

He infuses the DNA of the eponymous brand with great skill and élan….  Something so many other designers should take note of… heritage brands have their own vocabulary as you will see.

The format of the review is a bit changed but my sentiments and reviews never ignore what fashion is about and what it was built on! 




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