Friday, September 24, 2021

Prada spring 2022

 Well... apparently girls have tails or will ... I mean the label whores and the trendoids will if you believe that it’s even close to reality. Spring opens with beat up motorcycle jackets and these so-called skirts that look like a n 18-inch-wide length of fabric caught in the back by a safety pin, the rest trailing behind you.

There is so much to for me to shake my head about from bulky turtle neck sweaters to stiff fabric used to make the dresses even more unappealing than they are and then the open backs which appear to be when you can’t find a way to close the back zipper so you just leave hang it open. Lest I forget one of my favorites is the sweater with the cups (falsies) sewn into them so each boob has a home... what could be more appealing.

                                         SEE THE LINK BELOW 

The cockroach pointy kitten heels in colorful patents, the little lady bags and tails ...yes tails!!

How can anyone find clothes like these appealing other than for their label ... some of the pieces look stiff enough to stand by themselves BUT kudos as they didn’t get the memo about bra tops instead, they went bare chested under jackets and yes there were pretty colors!

As a colleague pointed out and reminded me that look how long they have been around and that they have survived in these past 4 decades of fashion and remain sweethearts of the fashion media whoever they are!

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  1. I'm italian my family buy Prada in Milano since a century but ... beside it's our rock & roll version of Hermès, I bought this black jacket or similar at Prada 15 years ago the skirt is a non sense.