Friday, October 5, 2012

Mabille, Christiaens, Arora.. Spring 2013 Paris Collections

After having seen what seemed like 100’s of shows, one need to reconsider that there are designers who deserve a second look. By second look, I mean that they may not get the press or the limelight but there are talents there and one day they will receive the attention that they work for. I thought that I would single out 3 designers whose work is either brand new to me or whose body of work keeps my interest season after season and yet I am perplexed by their outpouring of talent.

**Alexis Mabille has been on my radar for a couple of years now and he still piques my interest. This is a man of many talents from menswear to haute couture and that alone sets him apart from the pack besides the fact that he is literally a new generation of designer. I am fascinated by his abilities and while his collections maybe not always strike the note, they nevertheless hold me waiting for the next one. One of my initial attractions to his work was his “bows’ which he usually features in his ready to wear and haute couture collections. The bow to me is a symbol of femininity and a vestige of many of the greatest couture designers of the 20th century. The clothes in general are clothes for the next generation of couture and ready to wear clients although every once in a while, Mr. Mabille sneaks in a few pieces that are most definitely” cross generational.”
**Steffie Christiaens is another designer who will lead the charge in the next generation of designers. She is young, inventive, creative and technologically savvy when it comes to designing clothes for the next generation. Ms. Christiaens needs a few seasons under her belt, so to speak, so that she can refine her craft and artistry and once that happens, she will most certainly be a designer to reckon with. One cannot help but be impressed with her abilities as well as her knowledge and once all of these elements solidify, there will be another first rate designer showing in Paris every season. Please “look beyond” the slides and see what I see … once tamed, the possibilities are endless.

**Manish Arora may not be a household name yet but keep your eyes on this man. He first came onto my radar during his “partnership” with the fabled brand of Paco Rabanne. That association ended this year and now he will unleash his talents with his eponymous label. Mr. Arora is a man who creates for those on the red carpet as well as those who are looking for clothes that cannot be confused with any other designer. He is also a designer who, when he takes on a theme or inspiration, he plays it out to the fullest affect! The evolution of this designer will keep me coming back for more. The clothes are beautiful yet an acquired taste that will eventually become a favorite for this savvy enough to know of him.

*** Please note that all slides are from the Spring 2013 collections*****

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