Saturday, October 20, 2012

Facetasm ... Adeam .. Tokyo Collections Spring 2013

 こんにちTokyo .. Facetasm .. Adeam

Fashion week Tokyo is in full swing. If one is so inclined to endure the fashion week that goes on endlessly, then Tokyo is the next logical destination.  Traditionally Tokyo designers have echoed the likes of “Comme, Yohji and Junya” but there seems to be a trend or perhaps it is an evolution that brings Tokyo fashion to a new level.  There are European influences to be seen as well as those of the most favored American designers who have built huge followings in Japan to the point of iconographic status.

Adeam is a collection I am not familiar with but am impressed with its “western” approach to fashion.  The collection is commercial, in a good way without being boring, very wearable in a fashionable way and very pretty but not in a prissy way.  The collection slews on the younger side but with plenty of options for women of any age.  My take away is that the offering for Spring 2013 was far more inventive and creative than may shows that took place during NY collections. 

Facetasm has certainly brought to the light the “western” influence of one or two very high profile American designers and they would be Marc Jacobs and Thom Browne.  Unquestionably their influences are felt here and to some degree quite effectively even though this reviewer is equally flummoxed by the Japanese vision as I am with the orginals!  I am sure that one must dissect this collection in order to wear it in the real word and I do believe that there are pieces of great merit buried within the overly layered turnouts on the runway.  The most evident attribute of the collection is the designer’s sense of humor which goes a long way during the seriousness that occurs during the fashion cycle of seasons.

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