Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chanel .. Spring .. 2014 .. Paris Collections

What does one say when one sees brilliance? Okay, I know M.Russell may not agree, but, Karl is just astounding.  This is a man who literally revived the dead horse and still kept its house codes and DNA.  Please take a minute to wrap your head around that given the disasters we have seen at Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Dior, Balenciaga and oodles more.

Mr. Lagerfeld manages to manipulate Chanel in ways that are unimaginable to us mere mortals but then again that is why he is THE rock star of designers.  The “pets” of the media are such amateurs when compared to the Kaiser.  He laughs at them all and rightfully so!

While the “kids” are trying to figure out how to put their imprimatur on collections with fabled names, Karl marches on and still does it better than 90% of what’s out there.  He really stands alone at the top of the heap and seemingly with great ease.  Think about that he can produce more collections in one season and do them successfully than any 5 of the little “darlings.”

When flummoxed by the exasperating hideousness of a collection, my stock line is “rather than blather on about it,” but today I will say it because there is too much to point out in its favor!  90… count them... 90 exits … wildly excessive and uplifting!  Are they are amazing? Not even close, but the entire picture is that Karl is in command and he steers this ship to paradise more times than not.  No, not everything is sublimely beautiful nor does it all work on an esthetic level BUT this is Chanel massaged until there’s a happy ending... if you catch my drift.

Yes, Kiddies, this is an object lesson in how to do it right and how to ‘speak” to your customers.  This is why the Wertheimers are worth 20 billion dollars… literally!

PS.. the cashmere waist/neck sweater ties are destined to stampede out of the stores as are the 2 pearl necks, the plethora of handbag, great bracelets and fingerless gloves .. my take is that they can do more in accessories than most designers can do in full collection!

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