Monday, September 30, 2013

Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Paris Collections

If one had to venture a guess here, the guess would be that someone told Hedi darling to dial it down a notch or two or that door he entered though will be the same he uses to depart.

Don’t get the wrong idea and think  that the clothes are vastly improved but them again everything is relative and in relation to his last outing this is a lot better, albeit still not what you might hope for.  The clothes bear a very vague relation that they might have been conceived from what were once the DNA and house codes of YSL.  One has to wonder if the relationship is coincidental rather than intentional.

Again, do not misconstrue the words and sentiments; he is a long away from capturing any kind of chic or swagger, the taste and class that once flooded YSL runways compliments of Yves and company.  Mr. Slimane might have to reconsider the roach picker toes of his shoes and the really... lurex anklets... talk about dated and bad ideas... somehow there is a huge disconnect.  Then, of course, there are the crotch grazing lengths and his heroin/punk/rocker chic models but those are easy to fix in comparison to his overall vision of the new Saint Laurent.

At some point very soon, Mr. Slimane might have to find another YSL icon other than a motorcycle jacket, a pencil skirt, a sheer blouse, a smoking and a shrunken blazer.  At the very least he might have to figure out how to extrapolate those pieces and create a new vocabulary for the brand.  Frankly, I must say I don’t think the man is up to the task.

Rather than just beat this dead horse senseless, one can live in hope that maybe, just maybe,  someone, anyone, might suggest to his highness that the vision of the reimagined brand has been more forever 21 than Bergdorf’s and  if that’s what he wants then he should continue down this nasty path. Please take note of his one legged pant/dress and pink bubble dress, flame tube top and hot pink striped tube top paired with leopard…YIKES!

Bon chance a tous!

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