Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ralph Lauren NYFW Spring 2014

In the words of the Marvelettes...
You are under my power
It is the power of love
Eyes that hypnotize
And all it takes is just once glance
Just one look at him
Puts me in a lover's trance
Now listen, no rabbits in his hand
No pigeons up his sleeve
But you better believe
When I prove he can do so much
My baby must be a magician
'Cause he's sure got the magic touch

I am just astounded at how this man can pull of a feat like this … every season one has to wonder how he can keep up the momentum and every season he resoundingly reminds you that he is the master of modern American design in this country!

Do not misconstrue the words here, he continues to take so many of the same pieces season after season and turn out the most amazing visual presentations of chic and style.  He consistently makes simple and uncomplicated become so lust worthy so clean so sharp and yes ... the dirty word ... commercial!  This is a case of not innovation,  but imagination, cionsuistency and sheer grit.

From the razor sharp black and white looks to the almost neon brights,  he delivers and delivers  and keeps giving his ladies what they crave … clothes they can wear and his best and most convincing form of endorsement ... the Ralph Lauren label.  Not only are the clothes perfectly understandable but the stylists that he employs are geniuses at propagating the brand and taunting the client. .. Everything works the shoes the bags the jewelry.

My only criticism is that some of the evening clothes smart of other designers in particular a  peer of his… no names ... the references are obvious but no matter  as the collection as a whole is head and shoulder above 90% of what has been shown over the past week!