Sunday, September 15, 2013

Manolo Blahnik.. The King of Shoes.. London Spring 2014

There is so much to be said about longevity and consistency and even more to say for timeless chic and great style.  Manolo Blahnik is the platinum standard when it comes to luxury shoes.  He and he alone was the jumping off point for all the other imitators and pretenders and yet he still sits upon the throne.

When the shoe world asked ”how high can we go?” Mr. Blahnik just continued designing fabulous shoes regardless of stratospheric and gravity defying heels and the less attractive clumsy thick platform.  He wins,  as the tide has shifted and has been drifting for some time now and the heels are not quite as high and the platforms have all but disappeared from the runways.  Consistency and devotion to one’s vision wins out here while some must now figure out how to reinvent their brands with $1500 non-wearable shoes of almost cartoonish appearance.

Whether you bought yours before the SATC craze or during or last week; the shoe remains as stylish and slick as ever.  This is not to say that Mr. Blahnik has never or will never embrace a trend but he never loses sight of his original vision.  Ready to wear designers have a lot to learn from such laser focus and from this designer’s seemingly endless imagination and tenacity.

He never fails to disappoint with his immaculate finish, his choice of materials, innovation, color sense, and his unerring belief in that HIS ladies just want the most fabulous shoes on their feet.

Who would ever have thought 25 years ago that buying Blahniks was a good investment and in today’s retail environment, that Blahnik is reasonably priced by comparison to his “neighbors.”  As far as I can assess, Manolo Blahnik is the winner and still champion when it comes to the shoes for the well shod woman … the world over!  They still reflect the wearers refined and discerning taste.