Thursday, September 19, 2013

Prada .. Spring 2014.. Milan Collections

Once again it is time for me and my favorite whipping post to meet again on the battlegrounds of fashion; this time for Spring 2014 and it is at this time one can say BRAVO to Miuccia Prada for not disappointing me in the very least.


How can it be that you consistently deliver collections that just scream out UGLY! UNBECMOING!  And well that list can go on and on to in include “I double dog dare you to buy this crap and look like a fool!” no one can convince me that you love women or even respect them. For me, your collections are the epitome of self-hate which might spur the thought that since your appearance is less than appealing, you have chosen to level the playing the playing field; If a man designed these clothes he would be accused of being a first class and screaming misogynist and so when one considers that you are a woman, one might consider self-loathing as part of your modus operandi.


It is you who said that you have no interest in making a woman look beautiful and in that arena you are rewarded with an A+ and a gold star. What woman wouldn’t want a beaded bra embroidered onto a coat or dress or to wear footless hockey socks with some pop art fur coat for spring or a fur skirt or to be pointed at like a circus freak when she walks down the street??


So here’s the “impossible conversation” that is heard in my head... Elsa Schiaparelli. .. “WTF are you thinking Miuccia?  Have you no sense of humor? You are a disgrace who must be laughing all the way to the bank!”... And who would I be to argue with an icon of 20th century design?