Monday, September 16, 2013

Tom Ford London Spring 2014

Where to start? Life offers us such difficult challenges but this one will be easy to take on.  Mr. Ford one more times proves to those of us who speak the truth and see what is in front of us that this collection for Spring 2014 is just another fashion victim’s delight.

We can start at the beginning with the lushly wildly expensive leather and croco pieces that open the show.  Who wouldn’t want their boobies smashed in and wrapped up in a quilted dress along with the possibility that you might expose the stubble of your Brazilian wax?  Sounds right to me... especially if you have the bucks to throw away.

Mr. Ford has always had some sort of crotch fascination as he tends to keep his skirts at practically hair length and he never fails to mention that he goes commando all the time and this collection is no exception.  He also seems to have this fetish for transparency which might or might not expose any possible body part between the neck and ankle… again!

There are allusions to YSL and god knows who else as my memory isn’t good enough to put a name to them all  but I can say I remember seeing those lashed up the back jackets all over Europe years and years ago.  That is in fact what Mr. Ford counts on that, that you can’t remember that far back; then the mink chubbies, the athletic wear references of mesh and mosaic embellishments and the bad shoes and the million dollar over the knee boots and OMG the Russians will go berserk!!!

Now all the fassholes hopefully brought a change of panties for this seismic experience which will no doubt be some fantasy they have conjured in their heads rather than what they actually saw on the runway since the collection will no doubt be lauded as the second coming.

If one was being honest, which is never going to happen in this life, one might say “so what?”... “Nothing new here let’s move on”... but what are the chances?  Fashion as a circus and 3 ring entertainment …