Saturday, September 21, 2013

MOSCHINO ... Spring 2014 ... Milan Collections

What can be more joyous than celebration at the house of Moschino?   30 years ago the brand was founded by the never to be duplicated and always fondly remembered Franco Moschino.  He was the rarest of them all as he was a designer with a sense of humor.  He was a designer when clothes were the rage and super models ruled the runways as did excess and some of the most talented designers that ever populated the world of fashion.  Having been fortunate enough to experience the magic of a Moschino show  on a first hand and real life basis, it is with great pleasure that I speak to the Spring 2014 collection.

In true Moschino fashion, the collection is all about “good girls and bad girls.”  It is all rather simply stated that “good girls” were white or ivory and ”bad girls” wear black.  The characters or cast of the show  is/are made up of all of the Moschino girls that have appeared in the Moschino collections of times gone by; the nuns, biker chicks, Chanel ladies, nurse, mousketeers, bikers and chamber maids to name a few.  For some they are the “icons” of sexual perversity and for Moschino they are the brunt of his fierce sense of humor.

The Original DNA of the eponymous designer lives on and on and with the same whimsy as when he was alive especially in this collection.  Oddly, the humor has not gotten lost in time although I can be reasonably sure that the fassholes who claim to be the pundits of fashion will find this all too literally retro and repetitive to positively acknowledge.  It is they who I really feel sorry for as it is they who find their own words more powerful than the output of a world class designer.

All in all... sit back,  enjoy the show and know what the man was about and why he became the success he was and why the brand continues to sustain itself built on the his vision and his idea of fashion!
KUDOS to the house for bringing out a memory that befitted the man ... he would have loved it !!

P.S, the opening and closing feature “his girls” who tore up the runway in that decade