Thursday, September 26, 2013

Damir Doma .. Spring 2014 ... Paris Collections

Well, Paris is off to a brilliant start with 3 great emerging talents ... 2 of which were reviewed yesterday and the third in the troika today ... Damir Doma.

This very talented young designer delivered a very savvy collection which is the antithesis of so much that has been offered and by that I mean to say the collection of Spring 2014 is modern, chic, polished and very client friendly at retail.  Imagine that!

The collection has evolved from what might have once been considered ore school project than real fashion and has blossomed into a true collection that spans ages and looks.  There is great swagger and polish as well as some wonderful technical innovations such as what I call the “random eyelet” which turns out to be laser dots!  He riffs on a trench coast without ever really showing one and he adds a constructivist type of geometry to the clothes all adding up to great product.

The palette is decidedly neutral for the most part which is great for most and when he injects color he forces the eye to pay attention.  Once focused on the intense difference in color from the rest of collection, one wished that he has taken more of a detour to that direction and added the more structured pieces.  We already know he knows his way around tailoring and sharp edges but possibly a bit more diversity would have been greatly advantageous.

At any rate, he has found a fan in me and I will continue to watch and see and wait … my fashion Ouija board says great things ahead!