Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fendi .. Milan Collections Spring 2014

Fendi is one of those collections that evokes varied emotions, anything from ambivalent to hateful and everything in between.  Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi create clothes that are at all times controversial, at no time boring and always noteworthy for one reason or another.


Spring 2014 is remarkable on so many levels.  From the first passage you see the amazing lighter than air transparent layering that continues throughout the collection. You see the geometry  and sculptural aspects of the collection, the technical prowess that has now strayed from the furs into their ready to wear, the delicate ombre and degrade and just the overall impeccable execution and realization of the collection.

All of this is possible when designers design and allow themselves to overcome the constraints and limits of fashion.  These 2 designers possess hubris, fearlessness and audacity ... they dare!  In reality, why not, they have shoes handbags and furs to fall back on and the clothes are but icing on the cake for them and the brand.  It must be a wonderful and liberating feeling not to have to worry about the “reception” of the clothes.


Please take note of the amazing handbags which seem to evoke that you are carrying some kind of puff ball puppy around with you and the amazing techniques they employ when it comes to leather, fabric and fur.  Few if any compare to Fendi when it comes to 21st century abilities and applied techniques when it comes to fashion in any form.

The collection certainly is worth a second look and as in this season’s offering which can even be construed as wearable.