Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reem Acra NYFW Spring 2014

How wonderful it is to see a collection that is at all times exuberant and demonstrative of a designer who has redefined her place in the fashion continuum.  Ms. Acra was well established as a bridal designer when she decided to try her hand at what one can only deem a “regular” collection, meaning non-bridal.  How refreshing to see that she has indeed accomplished what she set out do and with great √©lan.

The Spring 2014 collection might be construed at 70’s disco madness but I prefer to see it as a collection of beautiful and fun clothes that are not pretending to be anything other than what they are.  In a time when too many designers are too busy spewing all this arcane garbage about inspiration and such, Ms. Acra just went ahead and made great clothes that women can wear… what a concept!

The colors are vibrantly Spring and silhouettes vary throughout but what remains constant is that these clothes were designed to sell and not just to women of a certain age but to women who might not have been exposed to the glory days of Studio 54 and have only dreamed or read about them.

Please do not misconstrue my words and think that I am skirting the retro idea as I truly do not find these clothes reeking of retro; if anything there are clean, crisp and cool for women who love clothes and love looking good today.

But I  am sure that all of these qualities will not meet the current criteria for today’s media who seem to think that only clothes that have an edge, test the boundaries of good taste and are trend driven are worthy of attention ... These clothes are the real deal... They require no road map of explanation and they are unapologetically commercial without being mundane or boring