Saturday, September 28, 2013

Yohji Yamamoto ... Spring 2014 ... Paris Collections

This reviewer cannot pretend to understand or really interpret the codes and DNA of Yohji Yamamoto but this reviewer is very capable of speaking about what has been presented and can discuss on a level that is not really only about fashion.

As I was reminded many many years by a sage buyer, Mr. Yamamoto is above all a master tailor and a brilliant technician.  He also makes one helluva white shirt.  Spring 2014 is a brilliant example of all of the above and more and all you have to do is look at the collection to see it.  If you are unable to examine the clothes just on those levels, then, IMHO get outta Dodge quick!

I cannot even hypothesize or pretend to know the why and wherefore when it comes to the usage of neon brights but I can say the pieces are incredible examples of drama, technique and individual vision for a brand.  If one examines the first 10 exits, one should be able to see that they are literally the basis for the entire presentation and that is a feat not accomplished by most designers no matter what their individual collections might represent. Another aspect or facet of Mr. Yamamoto is his knits which are beautiful and really when extracted from the collection can be classically beautiful.

What importance or gravitas Mr. Yamamoto may have in the fashion continuum is a mystery to me but I can be awed by the sheer exhibition of his great talent and I am just that!

PS I adore the digitized camo prints!