Sunday, September 15, 2013

Temperley London . Spring 2014 London FW 2014

Again, how can the Duchess of Cambridge resist these clothes?  Actually it is clear to me that these clothes have a much wider appeal that just to royalty or women of a particular age.  They are just plainly said… beautiful clothes.

Feminine, soft, appealing, flattering colorful if that’s what you search for and just all around wonderfully wearable clothes for evening or to use an old expression… after 5.  For me, this is a collection that offers up everything from the bland in fashion to red carpet worthy gowns and everything in between including mothers of the bride.  Alice Temperley is indeed a force of nature and any retailer who turns up their nose at her is a retailer that is bent of NOT doing business.  Do not misunderstand my sentiments here, this is not a collection that sets the world on fire with innovation and ground breaking design but what it does I offer the opportunity to make cash registers sing and make women lust for dressy clothes.

At a time when designers are only lauded for the absurd and unwearable, Ms. Temperley steps up to the plate and delivers a hugely commercial, stylish and chic alternative to gimmicky overtly sexy and useless clothes that can only be worn by a size 0 to size 6.  From where I sit, this means she deserves any kudos or laudatory reviews that she might receive and certainly my thumbs up and more!