Friday, September 27, 2013

Christian Dior .. Spring 2014 .. Paris Collections

Person to person call to Raf Simons…… Hello Raf… WTF are you drinking or thinking when you produce a collection that looks like that?? Huh?? Wanna explain that to the world?? You have about 3 minutes... so let her rip!

Without reading another review, these eyes and this mind tell me the clothes are fugly and that they bear little to no relation to DNA or House Codes or vocabulary of the fabled revered house.  That is to say unless of course you read and believe the claptrap bull that the PR machine of Dior will pump out as their press release. Without question, Mr. Simons in his own pedantic pretentious way will offer arcane inspirations and draw blurred parallels to what was shown and then try to tie it back to the brand of Dior!  Sad, just horribly sad.

Due to his predecessor, Mr. Galliano, the comparisons are inevitable but Mr. Simons is but a supporting player in comparison to the star power that Galliano possessed and projected. Galliano may not have produced the most commercial of collections but hell this is no more commercial and viable and yet it is way more unattractive and unappealing. 

My eyes tell me that the clothes are labor intensive on the face of it and there is no real reason as they might as well just be produced in any workrooms by any other designer.  With the exception of very few pieces, where is the Dior in them as they are contrived. Over worked, over wrought, ill-conceived and clumsy, just to name a few highlights.

In the final assessment, there can be only one conclusion... okay so I lied… there are a few... 1- he shouldn’t be designing this collection, 2-is that the media hype surrounding Dior and Mr. Simons cannot alter the fact that the clothes are hideous.. 3- That this is nothing more than the emperor’s new clothes... 4- The door that was used to welcome him will be the same door that will be used to excuse him of these duties!

PS ...even the shoes are bad this time out let alone the absurd maquillage .. . Time to smell the coffee boys...did I mention that pleats do not hold in silk and only on synthetic fabric sorry and before I forget .. what’s with shoes dress bag jewelry all in different colors as to be confused with some ADD color chart