Friday, September 13, 2013

Marc Jacobs NYFW Spring 2014

There is an adage in the theatre or maybe of old time comedians and it was “leave m laughing!”  Well, in this instance, it might be shaking your head as well as laughing.  It seems a bit ironic, if not fitting, that Marc Jacobs closed the circus like events of NYFW with the “main ring” being used for his collection for Spring 2014.


Having viewed the clothes last evening and having read the laughable almost hysterical fawnings of this morning I can clearly and unequivocally think that no one can possibly believe what they wrote and without a press release and the flacks, they might just have to tell the truth … imagine, Ralph Lauren was costumey but this MJ collection is the second coming … whose drinking the Kool Aid here??


So much side stepping and so much bull written about a collection that is part Miss Habersham, part Lacroix and all a load of hooey!  Passementerie galore, football shoulders, Ungaro sleeves, heavy handed clothes and who says the 80’s aren’t an influence.  He does make a case for ugly fashion as he seems to for every season and the so called critics ooh and aah, wet their panties and possibly wait to be gifted from LVMH.

Personally, I give him great credit for the spit in your eye hubris that he possesses  and in knowing that no matter how high the pile of  crap  and how outrageous and how ugly his collection is, he will be received with open arms from an adoring media that has lost its moral compass.  If Mr. Jacobs believes the words he speaks then he might be in more trouble than those who laud him.

By the way, the gloomy set, black sand and heavy handed clothes did little to convince the viewer that this was a Spring Collection,  but then again  this is a case of Mr. Jacobs  saying “JUMP!” and the flock saying “How High My Master?”  This blind devotion is endemic to the fashion business and will, if not already has, caused its diminishing appeal to the more intelligent of the flock, let alone the sagging retail sales and the fashion malaise that is international.

Someone… anyone... needs to speak up and say what is the point of showing collections that bear no resemblance to reality other than the altered state of mind of a designer trying to make his wet dreams come true.  If Mr. Jacobs says that he knows no one who dresses in all white then my reply is I know no one who dresses up in winterish looking buffoon clothes in Spring nor spends 1000’s of dollars to look like a clown! 

The review in a word… offensive!