Friday, September 27, 2013

Balmain .. Spring 2014 .. Paris Collections

Well, it came as a surprise that Mr. Rousteing changed gears and shifted away from just the highly embellished and beaded to a more frivolous and girly look.  Let’s say that he “borrowed” heavily from the past and in particular Chanel, Franco Moschino and perhaps some Emanuel Ungaro as well.  The last little tidbit seems to have evaded the pundits whose resumes are 20 minutes long and were not yet “born into” fashion when all that went down!

So, with that being, said there loads of quilted pieces, loads of chain jewelry as well as chain used as embellishment, flounced skirts, leather and softer jackets and cardigans.  The new Balmain gal will be wearing a varsity jacket or maybe leather overalls which came in several incarnations.  She will also be wearing denim… but Balmain denim only bears resemblance to the fabric and not the expectation as here the denim is exquisitely beaded and adorned and embellished like none other.  Then there were the cardigans and Vee necks … divine!

Oddly enough with all the change that Mr. Rousteing has introduced to the collection, he has managed to maintain the DNA and integrity of the brand by reinterpreting it and reimagining it which is no easy accomplishment. The embroideries and embellishments are decidedly over the top and even though we have seen their “essence” before, they seem fresh here with all the less is more philosophies that seem to fill runways lately.  Excess can be a good thing … Sexy is not just about short and transparent and to convey it without is no easy task although discretion is not exactly the order of the day here.

Whether or not this collection has legs remains to be seen but this designer surely knows how to manipulate the collection and is not just a Johnny one note!  What needs to be pointed out is the embellishments, treatments and embroideries which are just superb in every way.  The accomplishments of these effects and permutations boggle the mind as well as one can be sure … empty the wallet!