Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Narciso Rodriguez NYFW spring 2014

Welcome back Narciso Rodriguez!  It’s so nice to have you back where you belong!  After a few seasons of exploring his softer yet still minimal approach to fashion, he has returned to his roots and in my opinions what he does best … hard edge minimal clothes.


The clothes are as they should be with one caveat... I really wish he had not concentrated so heavily on such short lengths.  The feeling being that they tread on thin ice of being too short and detrimental to the overall cache of his clothes.


At any rate, the clothes look fresh and modern and clean and that, if I am not mistaken, the entire M O for the brand.  Mission accomplished! And no better way to reinforce the idea than with mostly black and white.  His use of sherbet colors is very appealing and even the very subtle insets he does in brocades and tone on tone.  This will be a hugely successful collection as it is what the DNA of the brand was built on and I think that people missed that the past few seasons.


All things aside... KUDOS to you Narciso Rodriguez for adding some life to the collections for Spring 2014 and for re asserting your DNA with your brand.

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