Sunday, September 22, 2013

Philipp Plein .. Spring 2014 .. Milan Collections

Move over Dan and Dean, there is a new sheriff in town and he is looking to push you boys aside.  Phillip Plein sent out Spring 2014 with all the fanfare of a rock concert or possibly a star studded night at Studio.  Without question, he proved it to us with all the rock em sock em glamor of rock royalty.

First thing that must be taken note of is that Mr. Plein chose all women of color which is totally the opposite of an issue that has become an undercurrent for collections in the past few years.  Kudos to you for that and whether or not it is acknowledged by the fassholes is just further proof of their inability to see what is in front of them!

Now, the clothes... from luxe on a grand scale as in Croco shorts and varsity jackets to skull studded gowns bearing a 2 word epithet that can only be termed everyday language by most.  The collection is full of life and full of twists and turns in terms of the designer’s vision.  No doubt all the hip hop and rock references from the athletic wear to the skin tight jeans are present and accounted for but interspersed within the myriad of these looks there were a few pieces which spoke in a much more hushed and sophisticated tone which one can only perceive as the unlikely alternative to the all the flash and yet it manages to suggest the designer’s abilities to be much more “democratic” in his vision.  Wooooo!

Mr. Plein is on a mission and the mission is being accomplished in a most methodical way.  As a spectator of fashion, his name did not resonate with me but in a short few months he has opened multiple stores abroad and an absolute pleasure palace of a showroom in New York City which also has sweeping views of Central Park.  This is a man on the move and I believe his collections will soon become the “sweetheart” of those in the entertainment business as well as those who appreciate that rock passion.

The evolution of the Phillip Plain brand will be an interesting one to follow as he already has shoes and handbags to accompany his collections and I am guessing there will be a network of retail stores that will soon begin to appear in the US.  My take is that this guy is a smart one and he already knows what he is capable of, so stay tuned!