Sunday, September 8, 2013

Prabal Gurung Spring 2014 NYFW

Starting with Spring 2014, there will be a series of mini reviews which basically will say the most but in the least amount of words as well as half the amount of slides.  The terse appraisals will not take the place of my more formal and thorough reviews; they will enable to me to publish more for your perusal.  Somehow my feeling is that the reader will not need to know any more than what I have offered.

For me, this is just a case of the slippery slide.  This is a collection that has devolved since its inception as far as I am concerned.  What was once beautifully impeccably made dresses has turned out to be a laughable display of distractions, high jinx, and a feeling that this designer is lost.


With  extreme references to Courreges, Mr. Gurung has turned out a collection that can only be described by asking what exactly is he thinking other than editorial … if that!  One hasn’t a clue where to focus as there isn’t an area on the model that allows you to focus on it as EVERY area is demanding equal time.  If one was pressed into finding the one immediate focal point, well it wasn’t the clothes, that’s for sure!

It is really such a shame that these young designers either suffer from hubris, poor direction or possibly believing their own press.  Mr. Gurung has the chops to turn out beautiful clothes but apparently he has opted for media attention rather than for consumer attention.