Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gucci Spring 2014 Milan Collections

Every designer must have the fantasy of thinking or believing that no matter what they show, the press will attend and they always have a fall back plan even if the collection is a stinker.  In this case Frida Giannini has Kering, handbags, shoes and small leather goods as her plan b.  The problem will eventually be the board of directors and the accountants.

Spring 2014 has once again  trotted out the athletic wear references including the  shapes and materials such as the ubiquitous mesh and the jogging pant, let alone the shorts.  Maybe Frida had in mind a new kind of sports bra as well, since it is so prominently featured throughout the collection.  Then there is the matter of the Art Deco florals and the Alphonse Mucha flourishes which permeate a good part of this present collection.

Okay, so we have athletics and Art Deco, throw in black georgette and a lot of loose filmy silhouettes and whaddya got... not much to see here!  There seems to be this Japanese influence of the kimono sleeve and the low slung wrap as well as the surplice but it all seems like so … been there done that!  The collection seems to go no place in a hurry and has no real point of view.  I’m guessing that if one wanted to extrapolate the visuals, one might say the collection is aimed at easy to wear and non-confrontational clothes for the most part.  Ms. Giannini seems to have gotten far too involved with the network of straps and streamers that seem to pervade the collection as they only complicate the basic quality of the collection… or maybe there is an S&M subtext … oooh wee!

Well, like I said, good thing there are fringed bags and shoes and ephemera to assume the brunt of the Black in the bottom line.  The clothes rarely register in the fashion continuum and surely rarely register on the bottom line.

BUT as long as they keep advertising then the fassholes will keep preening ... such a sad commentary on what was once a business based on talent and creativity!

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