Monday, September 9, 2013

Zac Posen .. NYFW Spring 2014

With a palette that can only be described as menopausal... no offense ladies, but what the hell are you thinking Zac Posen?  The man knows his was around a gown. I must give him some credit but this collection sparks emotions that span from ho hum to WTF are you drinking?


There were a few signature mermaid shapes and then there was a pile of dresses that looked as though some had fallen out of the wardrobe department from 20th Century Fox.  Retro does not even begin to describe some pieces as they really looked like wardrobe for the extras in some crowd scene; none of any great beauty.


Then we have a plethora of styles that are so over the top and so over wrought and so silly as to make one laugh at their very existence.  It is a harsh view but c’mon get your s—t together and be real ... unless of course one is only making clothes for either editorial or red carpet and in  that case, I would think these fall far short of those categories as well.


One has to believe that with all the workmanship and skills that have been lavished upon the styles of this collection that the end result surely could have been far better.  It’s a shame really, that Mr. Posen, after all these years has yet to get one clear cut message across when he presents his seasonal collections.  The question remains... “Is he running out of options?”

P.S. “where is Kal Ruttenstein when you need him?”