Thursday, September 26, 2013

Balenciaga Spring 2014 Paris Collections

So, let me get this straight, Alexander Wang is designing for the house of Balenciaga.  If that’s the case why does it look like Balenciaga might have designed Alexander Wang’s eponymous collection?

Where exactly is the justification to use a tank and gym shorts under the guise of being part of a Balenciaga collection?  Maybe it is specific reference to hi ho days of Studio 54 where a very young Diana Ross and I danced away for hours and she wore an outfit quite similar.  Really, WTF are these people thinking to parade out absurd trash like that and think it is okay.  It is an insult to the brand and the legacy of the brand and the designer.

Rant over, Mr. Wang needs to get a grip on the idea that not every woman who might want to buy these clothes is 25 or 30 or even 35; not every women wants to chance showing her lady parts when she sits or even leans over and lastly, why do you need gimmicks to dance around the real DNA of the brand?   
The first 2 collections were so chic so stylish so slick and today we get Alexander Wang Paris style... who cares, who needs it and why?

Yes the clothes are seemingly impeccably made, yes the shoes are divine and one is pretty sure they are hoping for a new “it” bag this season but hell, straighten up and fly right and realize that  someone needs to buy these frocks so you can keep your job and so retail stores can sell your clothes.  You see, Mr. Wang, ya gotta sell clothes to real people  and hey have to want them and have to want to come back for more. Ya, okay Anna loves you and the clothes and so what? That will not keep you at your job when the numbers don’t jive with all the hype... are you reading me loud and clear here?

You need to think hard and think clearly as to what the end game is….