Saturday, September 21, 2013

Emilio Pucci .. Spring 2014 .. Milan Collections

Let’s say that Pucci is hot!! Let’s say that where Frida failed and Donatella lost track of, Peter Dundas pick it all up and ran away with it!  The collection is unspeakably sexy, brazen and very close to over the top but for whatever reason, this mass of clothes all adds up to a winning combination.

Yes, there are the obvious gym/athletic wear allusions and yes even a WWF... not words with friends... but a championship wrestling belt and coveralls/jumpsuit or possibly sweats but no matter what the so called inspirations might be... they are just plain old hot!  Hot yes as in young, hot as in sexy, hot as in clothes made for women who do more than just take care of themselves.  These are clothes that scream look at me and if they fit the wearer, well then, they elicit stares of envy and wolf calls that are well deserved.

Dundas has preserved the “print” DNA this season in spades.  The prints maybe not be of the classic Pucci variety but they are prints and they are modern and they play well to the brand.  Okay, so the clothes and the “new” DNA are decidedly sexy but Mr. Dundas has proven himself up to the task of maintaining these when so many of his peers have fallen short. He continually by drives home his point and keeps himself loyal to what he recreated or reimagined.

So, here it is short and sweet …..yes colorful, yes second skin and almost slithering tight, yes overtly, almost erotic and most of  all YES … very young, sexy, luxe,  modern Euro and these ladies who apparently   love these clothes and wear them well.  If you are looking for timeless clothes move along but if you want sizzle in your wardrobe and have the body and budget... well... look no further!