Sunday, September 8, 2013

Katya Leonovich ..NYFW ..Spring 2014

Well it is very rewarding when a designer that you have continued to watch season after season finally comes of age.  With the Spring 2014 collection, one can say that Ms. Leonovich has hit her stride and really needs to continue on this path in the future.


Everything about the collection has grown up whether it be fabrication or looks and most certainly the make and finish of the clothes.  The latter speaks volumes in the development of the designer.  The fabrics were indeed more geared to a more sophisticated audience as was the choice of prints.  The shapes are more grown up and the gimmicks have been minimized to the point where what was once seen as a gimmick might now be considered part of her design DNA.


Make no mistake, these are not clothes for everyone and believe me, the errors in judgment are minute as compared to previous forays.  One of the most jarring to me was the when all of sudden we went from short lengths to a below the knee length which wasn’t really necessary as an in-between length would have sufficed.  These nuances will come in time as have so many already occurred within this collection.

All in all this is now a designer to continue to watch and you can be sure I will be doing just  and expecting better and better every season.  Kudos to you Katya!!

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