Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Ciao ragazzi .. Benvenuti a Milano e hop a bordo del treno di moda!
Upon first glance at the Catens’ vision for  Spring 2014, one  might have thought that the molded pieces were actually beach attire but, alas,  poor them, they are actually silly dresses for those who crave any kind of attention they can get by pouring themselves into these teeny tiny frocks and then overflowing at every possibly boundary!!! Muffin alert!!

So here’s the skinny, hahahaha,  these guys touch every base especially when it comes to grabbing attention.  What I find perplexing, besides the actual existence of this collection, is the mindset that allows anyone to think this is a collection at all!  Granted, there really are some beautiful PIECES buried within the rubble that is called Dsquared2, but there are way too many points of view here to coalesce as a collection.

There is the obvious luxury aspect to see, then for Spring, the ode to the 50s and 60s and then the expected media grab aspect; I am guessing that the real question is .. “Why is this taken seriously?” as a collection.  In my opinion , this is a pile of clothes thrown together to call a collection and yet you need some kind road map to hold it all together based on any kind of theme or logic.  Unless of course, there is some social treatise that accompanies this collection as if that will make it acceptable.

For me, there is no need of knowing inspirations and that intellectual hoo ha as there is only one thing that remains... the CLOTHES!  Yes, this is a business of selling clothes and not brainwashing or justification.  Clothes, oddly enough, is the currency that is traded here, not hype, not intelligence, but can you sell them to a store and then can the store sell them .. it  really cannot get any more basic than that.  So, who do you know who can afford or would want to wear any of this given the stratospheric price points?  Huh.. I am waiting.... Oh,  and where are they wearing them?

I hope the Catens haven’t utilized the same concepts for their restaurant otherwise you will be eating spam at Il Baretto prices!