Sunday, September 8, 2013

Joseph Altuzarra Spring 2014

Starting with Spring 2014, there will be a series of mini reviews which basically will say the most but in the least amount of words as well as half the amount of slides.  The terse appraisals will not take the place of my more formal and thorough reviews; they will enable to me to publish more for your perusal.  Somehow my feeling is that the reader will not need to know any more than what I have offered.
For me, this is just another case of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” or Much Ado About Nothing.” I hope Kering is very happy with their purchase as he is one more who will now become the board of directors bitch and will be answering to a raft of CPA’s rather than his clients.


First instinct is that the clothes reminded of Orthodox Jews and with their tzizit and tallit (see slide show). The collection is gimmicky and rabbinical in the extreme and once that is stripped away there isn’t much.  It is rather yawn worthy at that point.  What does stand out is that the young man knows how to tailor a jacket.  I think there is great talent there but it just hasn’t been channeled in one specific direction.  Each season there are different bells and whistles and each season there is some new convoluted message.


Is it too much to ask for a collection that bears a distinction in belonging to a specific designer and not a collection that can be attributed to anyone … in essence, where is the DNA of this brand and soon it will be just that.. a brand