Friday, September 20, 2013

Versace .. Spring 2014... Milan Collections

So, Donatella, what possessed you to think that you had to redefine and revisit the harnesses still one more time?  One might only venture a guess the reason would be the same that you opted for low slung circle skirts to go with them. Whoever is whispering in your ear, his or her pants are on fire ...get it??

The denim like looks that you opened with are bit dreary for Spring but that can be forgiven but all of a sudden,  it all just goes nuts and you touch every base and cover every conceivable look and yet wind up in the same place as always.  The final pieces especially the chain mail are very Donatella V and if one wants to be gracious, the mail pieces could be confused with Gianni on a bad day.  As for the extremely peek a boo gowns, you gotta get another song to sing.  

The pastel horizontally shirred pieces might have worked better if there were not complicated by the fact they are transparent as well as second skin tight.  Then again you complicate matters even further by adding harnesses of varied configurations to the already odd recipe.  While on the subject of them, why are there bandage harnesses with circle skirts and el cheapo looking chain harnesses attached to so many dresses and tops?  Carissima… dios mio!  CAN WE ALSO CHAT ABOUT YOUR PRINT SELECTIONS AND THE ALL THE COWL NECKLACES THAT MAKE NO SENSE??

Again, whoever is whispering your ear my dear should have told you that drag queen platform shoes are not helping the situation... capito?  Ms. Versace surely has abandoned any shred of discretion and has totally given in to the overtly sexy which really needs to be dialed down just a wee bit as well as using a lightened hand instead off a sledge hammer.  Instead she beats the recurring themes to death as she tends to do season after season giving rise to the idea that she must go through a lot of “horses” every year.

In the end, she really has a vast archive to work with and to reference yet instead she opts to mutilate it in way that could never be imagined.  I am flummoxed by this overreaching collection