Sunday, September 29, 2013

Andrew Gn .. Spring 2014 .. Paris Collections

Having just seen the Spring 2014, the first thing that crossed my mind is” how come some designers, this time, Andrew Gn, make it look so easy and effortless to design beautiful clothes?”  there is no mistaking the modern art references, in particular Braque’s and Matisse and yet even though they are not exactly first timers in the inspiration sweepstakes, the influence is handled so beautifully as to only  remind the viewer that we have seen the influence before. Simply said, these clothes don’t look like the YSL collections that were likewise inspired.

The palette is heavily concentrated in black and white and the clothes are just edgy enough to suggest a younger vision of the Gn lady.  That is not to say he left his original ladies behind, but he has expanded his reach in a very organic and natural way.  These clothes are graphic, maybe geometric, crisp and clean while incorporating the decorative nature of Mr. Gn’s design philosophy.  The thematic expressions of his clothes play second to the clothes themselves.

The styling is so pitch perfect yet I am just not sure about those platform shoes, as I really think they don’t jive with the modernity of the collection.  There is one exit that just says it all; from the trim of the short to the patterning of the belt … it just all works.  For some it may look contrived, for, it just looks as it should … well assembled!

The overall look of the clothes is just divine as the finish is flawless and it shows and it just screams rich and luxurious without ever being confused as a neon sign for conspicuous consumption.  These are clothes that send a silent signal for refinement, craftsmanship and great chic.  The silhouettes and shapes are clean, nothing tricky, just beautiful clothes.