Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oscar de la Renta NYFW Spring 2014

As I said about Ralph Rucci, I say the same here; when you are expectant of any designer... in a good way, and then the expectation is fulfilled, one walks away with a great sense of contentment.  Such is the case at Oscar de la Renta for Spring 2014.


Mr. de la Renta is amongst the elite group of designers who delivers the goods season after season; the only variance is in what degree of success.  For those of us who have a resume longer than 20 minutes and a memory that spans decades and not days, Mr. de la Renta delivered a COLLECTION in its truest sense … yes Virginia there is such a thing as a real collection and not just another pile of clothes!!  Hard as it is to believe there were day clothes, cocktail clothes and then evening which all my sound like an anachronism but it is the concept that built this business, let alone was the framework of all fashion shows.


Despite what the references/inspirations are, a subject that frankly bores me, when it comes to any designer, the end result is what counts and this was pure Oscar.  The clothes were just divine and the appeal as broad as ever.  Mr. de la Renta is a rare breed of designer who has bridged the gap between the ladies who lunched and the 21st century social who is far younger and no longer lunches as those oh so famous gals once did on a daily basis.  In essence there is something for everyone here whether it be a suit or dress, daytime or evening and all it reeks of the OdlR DNA…………… HOW REFRESHING!!


Rather than detail the beauties, have a look at the slideshow and the clothes will speak for themselves.  It’s a good thing that the shop on Madison Avenue has just completed its expansion and renovation; they will need a lot more fitting rooms!!

P.S. a few things... I am not a fan of below the knee or tea length.. never have been … Odlr was a show of great restraint in every sense of the word, from designs to accessories.. It was all about the clothes… great colors… the lace things was a bit de trop but since there was so much; it was a blip….a literal souk of silhouettes