Monday, September 9, 2013

Donna Karan NYFW Spring 2014

Well, it is Donna doing Donna... but not the sinuous sexy Donna but the tribal/jungle Donna.  Correct me if I am wrong but at least once a year she takes to her tribal/Zen roots and presents a collection with some sort of prints that whispers of African tribal themes.  Admittedly, I am usually not a fan of thee collections but this season she seems to struck a vein with me.

The clothes are that loosey goosey thing she does but she has combined that with some beautifully sexy and closer to the body pieces and it all works... well, most of it anyway.  The big top white shirt, which also came in chambray, will be a blockbuster for her and everyone else who copies it as here is a shirt that one can wear and actually feel comfortable wearing.  The problem will be that few will wear pressed and starched within a hair’s breadth of its life.

There are dresses of every kind and the layering is taken to extremes as only Donna can do.  The feel is most definitely relaxed and tends to be what one would want to wear once the temperatures climb and one does not want to feel constricted by tightly fitting garments of any kind.  The earthy palette is oddly appealing and extremely well done which is more than I can say about the tribal /ethnic jewelry.

Is this one of the best... well no! It is certainly a lot better than one in particular where everything had full circle skirts in a very harsh print and the overall feel was as bulky as a puff jacket on steroids.  It’s thumbs up for her this season which I am pretty sure her ladies will agree with.

P.S. the hats were a bit de trop and the collection is a reflection of Ms.  Karan’s own particular and personal way of dressing