Wednesday, September 25, 2013

LOYD+FORD Spring 2014 Paris Collections

Breaking News!!! Uniform Union  will now be known as LOYD+FORD

Bienvenue a Paris mes amis!!!

Here’s a novel concept: listening to your own instincts and designing from the gut rather than with editorial input!  Sometimes only common words can express uncommon emotions  and to say that Seven Loyd and Franck Ford have made “fashion their passion”  is an understatement; as they say  when they speak of LOYD+FORD ... it’s all about love and lace!


Spring 2014 showcases their talents in new ways, most obviously in the breadth of the collection and this is not implied to mean only in a quantity aspect.  The DNA is unquestionably the same but the designers have expanded the LOYD+FORD  look by adding new silhouettes, proportions and shapes to an already winning assortment.  Pants have returned in wool and in silk with several incarnations.  LOYD+FORD has now evolved to include trend silhouettes as well as more formal pieces to accent their vision of timeless style and fashion … think as in the M O of Alaia.  These are designers who design and are unencumbered by the constraints that misleadingly guide so many others who might only be interested in being solely trend worthy or innovative to fit into the mold of the season.


The tunics and gowns are fresh, modern and welcomed; they both appear in varying proportions which open up new possibilities for the scope of the collection. There is additional draping /softness added to the repertoire rather than just the more defined and sculpted linear pieces. The pants offer an even more modern approach of how lace is perceived and how it can be worn.  My personal favorites include the lace and silk jumpsuit which might be construed as one of the sexiest track suits or onesies to ever hit a runway as well as the short tunics. My wish is that eventually LOYD+FORD will offer bridal gowns, which just might happen by next year this time.  Their vision would be so new to that segment of fashion by offering a very different alternative to the traditional way that brides dress,  not to mention it is an organic way of expansion for the brand

Okay, okay, the collection, as stated, remains absolutely true to its designers philosophies but with a growing vocabulary and yet throws open the doors for so many new possibilities in the future.  Remember, LOYD+FORD is only 1 year old and so the future remains an open book which, my feeling is, will be filled with great success and many surprises.