Monday, December 8, 2014

meet Nino Bauti of TANE...

As with any area of fashion and its contiguous areas of design and style, we are constantly being fed information and media coverage about the same coterie of brands and designers. One of my aims is to spotlight brands/personalities that are not as well-known but have long and vivid histories. These are companies and designers that have thriving ongoing businesses and yet are hardly as well-known as the Dior’s or Cartier’s. Some have achieved their notoriety on a regional level and some are best kept or open secrets! Think of this: TANE is to Mexico what Georg Jensen is to Denmark! … And Nino Bauti is the Marcus Teo of TANE! TANE is the luxury brand of Mexico celebrating its 70th year!!
artwork by Marc-Antoine Coulon

In addition to the above, TANE was a favorite of the King of Morocco, Frank Sinatra and that Mexican spitfire and Cartier loving Maria Felix. Another tidbit of information is that the now 70  year old firm produced for Tiffany & Company at one time as well as being the collaborator for artists like Luis Barragán, Leonora Carrington, Francisco Toledo and Ricardo Legorreta to name a few. What is most interesting is that these partnerships catapulted the brand into museums via their quality of work and abilities to interpret these artists’ visions. TANE is at once silversmith and jeweler.

In the 21st century they have named Nino Bauti as their leader or creative director who will now show the world that TANE is poised for recognition and growth on a global stage. Please meet Señor Bauti and hear what he has to say!!

1-Please tell us about your position with TANE. What are your duties and what is your plan?
I am the creative director of the brand, I work with a team, without it I am very lost ...I do anything which have to do with products and image ...I like to supervise everything, I design, overlook the image of the brand, work with different artist and designers in several collaborations, I develop concepts for campaigns ...Etc., etc. ...I could say I am the conductor of this big orchestra which is My wonderful team..but the real artists are the skillful silversmiths and artisans ... They made real all the ideas plan is to play an amazing symphony which will show the world how wonderful the Mexican sophistication could be ,making Tane the luxury brand which proudly represents Mexico  ... That would make me happy

2-What are your favorite heritage brands... Meaning brands that have been long established ... and why?
Hermes and Loewe, because quality is the most important element in their product ... (also it remained me from my childhood) and because you feel special having their products ...I think in a different field we share the same philosophy

3-Who are your style mentors or style icons and why?
Well ... I learned about design with Giorgio Armani and McQueen but the person I always admired was Balenciaga for his elegance and sense of proportion, he really was less is more

4-What are your favorite designers and why... Fashion, jewelry, furniture, any area of style or design?
There are soooo many ... Love the work of architects like Barragán, Oscar Niemeyer and Calatrava... And the paintings of Rothko ... Designers (old Balenciaga and 70s Chanel)

5-What is your opinion about the current state of fashion? What would you change and why?
Today more than ever people know about fashion and trends, but quality is a bit forgotten ... We have access to a lot of information and everything is so fast ... I would like to come back to a proper understanding of quality and craftsmanship ... Go a bit slower

6-If you could live anywhere, have any job you desire, where would you live and what would you be doing and why?
I am quite realistic, I love what I am doing now and where I live ... Mexico is my home now

7-You can invite 5 guests to dinner... Anyone from the past or present… who and why?
my guests would be Maria Callas, Mademoiselle Chanel, Cristobal Balenciaga, Rothko, Barragán
They are my idols, and I guess all of them had something in common, the sense of perfection and discipline ... And an amazing sense of editing and saying so much with a little idea or gesture...You have in this group everything I like, art, fashion, music and architecture ... I could be happy only talking about those subjects
8-Is there something you wish to share about yourself that few people know about you?
Of course not! ... I try to be as private as I can sir...

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