Thursday, December 11, 2014

meet designer and brand .. RODRIGO OTAZU

There are isolated characteristics that set Rodrigo Otazu apart from the flock:  Rodrigo Otazu is a designer’s designer and he is a designer that designs. The nuance and intricacy of his pieces is of great interest to the seasoned observer; for the less educated or knowledgeable, it is simply the visuals that he creates that attract. No matter your orientation, frame of reference or skill set, the jewelry that this man creates is of the highest quality in every way.

With the ever changing retail landscape, apparently fashion jewelry, read costume jewelry, has taken a back seat to what we now refer to as bridge or contemporary jewelry and then of course there is fine jewelry. Even fine jewelry has become splintered to include haute joallier. That being said, Mr. Otazu solves the issue by being part of ALL of those classifications. There are very few brands/designers, if any, that come to mind who criss cross all these categories, let alone as successfully and as seamlessly as he.

Even though many of the editorials where his collections/pieces appear  to be more trend driven, my eyes are drawn to the simplicity that shows of the jewelry in its own space rather than with all the bells and whistles. It is the purest way for the eyes to see the product and appreciate the product.

So now it is time to meet the designer and hear what he has to say in his own words about himself and his brand…..

1-from where and whom do you take your inspiration?
I just need to open my eyes then close them and work on what the world is offering, and by now after so many years of doing my job not repeating myself and investigating something new and fresh will make my life and people life more fun … so I pay attention what is going on and turn things in my way to make it new

2-You currently work in both precious metals/gemstones as well as in fashion jewelry... which medium do you prefer and why?
I am crazy about pink gold and the glow of this metal is just unique… who does not like to work with diamonds… so I love it all  but again I love designing an extravagant piece with crystals and brass chains …. So I really enjoying working within both worlds…  is really fun to do high quality faux bijoux collections too!  
3-where do you currently sell? And where would you choose to sell?
I hope a shop in Japan this month that I am super proud, Russia, Dubai, Australia, London, Milano, Spain but I want to work a lot more in US   ... and NYC is home …so I have a lot in my plate
4- Can you tell us where the pieces are made and why you chose these factories?
I work with people from all over the world … in US they have great factories …  Italy is great for leather …  Belgium and Amsterdam have amazing diamonds France have great craftsmen to produce diamond jewellery … Israel too …Austria does great crystals so all depends what I am busy with  
5- In today’s world of fashion, especially in the area of haute joallier, how do you feel about loaning your pieces for a celebrity to wear?  Who would you love to see wearing your jewellery?
well first is not the quantity is celebrities who to loan but the quality of celebrities who I prefer to choose my work … this is a window to the world so is important and necessary from Tiffany & Co. does it and Dior pays a lot of money to have people wearing they designs so I guess for us designers without the money machine behind and we are chosen by Sarah Jessica Parker to wear my work is more of a triumph I feel because they really love it and they feel identified with my style 
6- Let’s switch gears here and have you tell us about you ... where you are from, where you live and how did you arrive at being a jewelry designer?
I am from Argentina, I move to Europe when I was 18 and work with many great amazing people Christian Lacroix was a great man to work with Alexander McQueen ( Lee for me ) have been few of those who I work and learn to be good at what I do … the reason to be a designer ?  It was in the stars
7-if you were not designing jewelry what would you be doing and where would you be doing that?
I love music and I love film so you can find me shooting or recording music I love spending time in the gym … I am a man of the world so u can find me in the more odd places … I am really reaching to spend time in the dessert on a motorbike ride  
8-if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
NY NY NY!!! I looooove NY!  Is a hard city with a sweet soul 
9-imagine a dinner party with only 5 guests ... who would you invite?  Anyone from the past or present and why?
well let’s see … Elisabeth Taylor and Lady Di … these 2 woman are incredible people who care about human kind ad try to help others and of course amazing fashion timeless goddess Mother Teresa and Dalai Lama because is important to cultivate your soul and spirit and they have key elements that will bring me and every one a step forward as a human being and first lady Obama because she is elegant great style and modern sophistication 

10-do you have a dream collaborator?  Past or present... And why?
The entertainment ?  John Lennon 
yes I do I would have love to work with Nelson Mandela  an do a charity event  to raise awareness of HIV in Africa and the rest of the world  

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