Monday, December 1, 2014

Salvatore Ferragamo.. A Man's Story

At a time in fashion when most heritage brands are nothing more than attention grabbing monikers there is apparently one brand whose current designer believes that history and legacy  are to be celebrated and not dismissed as unimportant. The brand is Salvatore Ferragamo and the designer is Massimiliano Giornetti and both have taken the step to mesh “what was” with “what is” or in other words … the Salvatore Ferragamo brand of the 21st century and beyond.

Today, the house of Salvatore Ferragamo launches a creative collaboration that glorifies its founder and namesake as a pioneer in his field as well as propelling the brand into the digital era. Under the watchful eye of Massimiliano Giornetti, photographer and filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini has created a documentary of sorts that honors the brand’s history and founder which is communicated via photographs and videos. The premise of the project is that Signor Ferragamo set his own rules and carved his own unique path in the world of fashion. The story is further conveyed by a modern and eclectic collection of men who have achieved their respective successes on their own terms and by writing their own rules.

Mr. Giornetti perpetuates this message via his evolutionary designs for the brand as they exemplify the spirit of its founder as well as the times we live in. How refreshing for a designer at the helm of a storied brand to actually remember and incorporate the legacy of the brand into new collections?
For a man to have a vision and the courage of his convictions is both noble and timeless, as relevant today as it was a century ago when Salvatore Ferragamo went out on a limb to launch his shoe-making business …  Had he not taken that risk, this  brand that continues to grow and attract new generations may never have existed …. Massimiliano Giornetti

A Man’s Story will be available for viewing at  as well as on any of the brand’s digital channels … #ManStory

The cast of players or storytellers in this series include: Douglas Booth( actor), ASAP Rocky( musical artist), Henrik Lundqvist (hockey legend), Ryan McGinley (artist & photographer), Alexander Gilkes( co-founder of auction house Paddle 8), Louis-Marie de Castelbajac ( artist & entrepreneur) and Tyrone Wood( Director of Heist Gallery)

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