Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Why Don't You? 2015 style

This series is dedicated to Diana Vreeland and how she came to the world’s attention followed by eternal admiration.  While the suggestions might not be as outrageous or imaginative, these articles will have one unified theme and that is the gift giving season of 2015.

Today it is about those silent signals that one emits when they assemble themselves for “public consumption” so to speak. Today is about transmitting something, an indication of who you are and what your standards may be when it comes to fashion and style when you are in view of others. These signals are not always flashy or highly noticeable or even recognizable but what they do is scream chic and tasteful to those savvy enough to spot them .Colleagues and resources from around the world have sent me their ideas of what would make a great gift for a friend, a dear one or even yourself. The selections cover everything from commissioned artwork to handbags to collectibles to fine jewelry to scent and even personal styling sessions for men and women.  All of them are accessible online, at brick and mortar establishments or by phone so shop on!

With the Festival of Lights (Chanukah) already under way and Christmas just around the corner, let the games begin and my question to you is “Why don’t you?”

h   Why don’t you surround a loved one’s wrist with precious stones executed upon the exotic stingray leather cuff from Shiroiy Darius Cama or maybe drape the neck of your significant other with a statement making bib suitable for a Maharani or a Marquessa? Make her the center of attention and hopefully she will tell anyone who will listen that you bestowed such beauty on her. Find him and his creations on Facebook or inquire at gmsandjewls@aol.com

·       Why don’t you link up with a significant other?  The possibilities for satisfying the sartorial needs of a Fran Leibowitz or even a David Beckham might be sourced through Pedro Boregaard. You may grow oaks from acorns and politely tell someone to screw themselves, in sterling silver of course but the kid in you is always ready for an Easter egg hunt and what  a prize you would find when one of these is waiting for your discovery.  And, let’s not forget the plethora of choices when it comes to stacking rings right up to the first knuckle!  Find Pedro at 101 Main Street in Narrowsburg, NY or www.boregaard.com

·       Why don’t you do something politically correct as well as chic as hell? You might want to purchase a Scotstyle braided elephant hair bracelet (remember Hunting World) with choices of either sterling or rose, white and yellow gold closures and for those who rank very high on your list, there is platinum as well. Now, the PC part is that a substantial portion of your purchase goes to combat poaching (www.tusk.org) and that’s Prince Willie’s fave these days, so in essence your purchase will be a charitable contribution and now isn’t that just too divine for words at this time of year. For further information contact Scott at SRnelson61@msn.com

·       Why don’t you offer your lover a chance to own a piece of haute couture? Well for men that is, but Marc -Antoine Barrios might be convinced to whip something up for your lady friend as well if asked nicely and BTW, he does sublime white shirts as well. Not only does he do la nouvelle couture but he also offers a range of items that are for all of your friends and lovers. For instance who wouldn’t want his version of the MAB ID bracelet rendered in gold or sterling with 21st century understated chic. Well, kids it surely will be clear who has chic and who doesn’t, after all diamonds aren’t always befitting the wearer. Find him and his collections at 6 Rue de Budapest in Paris 75009 or www.marcantoinebarrois.com

·       Why don’t you purchase an amazing piece of either fine jewelry or fashion jewelry from that up and coming designer Rodrigo Otazu. Yes dear ones, he is all over the world these days but calls his home New York City. The rose gold pieces are particularly au courant as well as rings, bracelets and necklaces of every conceivable configuration. If you are able to reach him directly you might want to ask about his latest venture which is haute couture but don’t tell anyone I told you that. Contact him at Rodrigo@rodrigonewyork.com for further details.

·       Why don’t you bestow some uber luxury on yourself or your honey? And by uber luxe we speak of mink and Russian sable. Well of course you know that sable is to fur what a tiara is to jewelry. It just doesn’t get any better especially when they are given the 21st century star treatment by none other than the uber fab Norman Ambrose, he of the super exquisite couture like apparel. If that’s not enough then you add in the fact that these and others are reavailable at the showroom of legendary Alixandre furs and well, by god it’s a love match if there ever was one. So if you are on the hunt for that extra extravagantly and guaranteed to be well received gift, then you need to contact Alixandre Furs at 150 west 30th Street in NYC or call 212-736-5550 to set up your appointment. By the way, this is a silent signal that does nothing short of screech. Tu comprends mes amours?

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