Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pre-fall 2016 .. a brief but telling synopsis

Fashion has become a business that is short on originality and creativity and even shorter on being an independent thinker. Pre-fall 2016 certainly shows that concept off to a great degree and furthermore proffers the thoughts that designers are floundering by having no signature looks and even worse trying to be a “me too” or an “on trend” collection. Apparently the word relevant has crept into the fashion vernacular but the definition seems to be that if you pander to 20 somethings then you are relevant! Well, friends that’s a recipe for disaster not success and you can quote me! Here are just a few examples that demonstrate these thoughts.

Elie Saab who is usually on my fave list has opted to go astray with his version of Hedi’s Saint Laurent. How sad!

Erdem which at one time was excruciatingly beautiful now looks like the re imagined Valentino.

Michael Kors continues his disconnect between his image ads and collections. What ever happened to a great American designer who made great American clothes?

Jason Wu apparently took a cue from a past Ferragamo collection and yes it is time to lose those Rachel Zoe puddling pant lengths.

Altuzarra has decided his identity lies with being a Proenza Schouler continuation.

Alex Wang … well he just continues to design for H&M but now with a decidedly Hedi influence.

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